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October 21

Wallis Mills

Senior Content Strategist, NVIDIA

Wallis has developed highly effective content strategies for companies such as Intuit, Survey Monkey and is now the Senior Content Strategist Enterprise Marketing at NVIDIA. She will teach you powerful content strategies you can implement immediately in marketing your business!

2020 Featured Past Events

Nicci Levy, Founder & CEO of Alchemy 43

Nicci is not only the founder and creator of hot beauty service brand Alchemy 43, but is our first Boss Talks success story!  She attended our first Boss Talks event where she connected with her first investor, Toni Ko, founder and creator of Nyx Cosmetics, and enlightened our entrepreneurs on how her business has since crushed the six-figure barrier!

Lizanne Falsetto, Founder and Former CEO of thinkThin®

Through telling her down to earth, inspiring entrepreneurial journey from her kitchen to a multi-million dollar business, Lizanne gave our entrepreneurs a roadmap for turning their passion into a 7+ figure household name with integrity and honesty.

Jane Stoller, Founder of Organized Jane, Boss Talks City Lead for Vancouver-Whistler

Through individualized and group coaching, our very own business process organization expert Jane Stoller gave our entrepreneurs valuable tips and tools for eliminating the time wasters in their personal and business lives to enable them to take back control of their schedules, maximize their productivity as entrepreneurs, and create that much-needed downtime to re-charge and re-fresh.

Abbey Gibb, Emmy-Winning Media Expert, Business and Visibility Coach

In this powerful session with Abbey, with her unabashed honesty and tough love, our entrepreneurs received the one-on-one coaching that provided them the keys to understanding and unlocking their true passion and expertise, and how to turn that into a 7-figure business.

Ashley Crouch, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Visibility Strategist, Founder of Appleseed Communications

Through this hands-on session, Ashley empowered each of our entrepreneurs with her sought-after and widely-coveted expertise on the practical ways in which they can achieve visibility of their brand that best resonates with their target market.

Jenay Rose, Founder of Namaste Jenay

Social media business coaching guru Jenay Rose shared her training with our entrepreneurs that has resulted in scaling her own business into the high 6-figures and growing.  In this interactive session, we learned her strategies on how to monetize our expertise online by building and maintaining an online community, how to create viral content, making a “pandemic-proof offer” of services or products, her thoughts on using “growth services”, and other ways to implement online marketing and engagement strategies from a 7-figure mindset.

Bri Seeley, Entrepreneur Coach (#1-rated by Google), Forbes Coaching Council Member and Best-Selling Author

Our very own entrepreneur panel expert Bri Seeley led this workshop on how to pivot your in-person business to online, and fail-proof ways to substantially scale it. She taught us how to look at our business from a new perspective, the process to identify new online revenue streams, to work “smarter” vs “harder”, and how to leverage partnerships with other brands to grow your audience and get your business on target to hit 7-figures.

Tracy Litt, Mindset Teacher to Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs, TEDx Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Our mindset panel expert Tracy Litt held this powerful interactive session with our entrepreneurs to identify the thoughts that hold us back from becoming who we want to be and what we want to accomplish, learn how to feed ourselves the thoughts that will push us forward and achieve the mindset of an unstoppable leader.

Dana Ward, Founder and CEO of Barefoot Scientist

From the red carpet to retail stores throughout the country, former actress and producer Dana Ward taught us how she took her idea on solving the pain point (quite literally) all of us have in walking in our fabulous high-heeled shoes to creating a 7-figure personal foot care business.  She gave us valuable insight on how to develop an idea for a product that will sell, steps to take when selecting a manufacturer, what you need to think about when crafting your brand and marketing message, tips and pitfalls in business contracts, and her secret to scaling a business in the retail product marketplace.